Title: Guatemala: Ley de Alianzas para el Desarrollo de Infraestructura Económica y Regulation de la Ley (Decreto Numero 16-2010 y Acuerdo Gubernativo No. 360-2011)

Languages: Spanish

Published: January 1, 2010

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Country: Guatemala

Keywords: PPP Project Cycle, Contractual Provisions, Legal Framework, Parties, Funding and Financing, Preparation, Procurement, Implementation, Contract, Termination, PPP Options, Risk, Legal issues, Public Sector, Private Sector, Revenue Sources / Funding, Financing, Arbitration, Sovereign guarantee, Key contractual provisions, PPP unit, Regulator, Handover, Dispute resolution



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Document Details:

Ley de Alianzas para el Desarrollo de Infraestructura Económica - Decreto Número 16-2010 del 13 abril 2010 (Spanish) - Decree 16-2010 on Public-Private Partnerships of 13 April 2010.


Decreto Número 06-2010 is complemented by Reglamento de la Ley de Alianzas para el Desarollo de Infraestructura Económica - Acuerdo Gubernativo No. 360-2011 6 de octubre del 2011 (Spanish) (Regulation 360-2011 of 6 October 2011). 


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