Public-Private Partnerships by Sector



Just as there are different types of public-private partnerships (PPPs), PPPs also exist in a variety of industry sectors. Each sector offers unique challenges and opportunities for PPPs due to differing legal, regulatory and investment considerations.


Find more information about public private partnerships in the following sectors:

Energy and Power

Overview of existing energy laws and regulations in different countries, PPP toolkits, sample laws and licenses, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), implementation agreements, concession agreements and more.


Sub-national and Municipal PPPs

Connects to sector-specific information on sub-national PPP projects, sample sub-national PPP laws and regulations, standardized bidding documents and guidance manuals related to sub-national PPPs as well as links to guidance materials and case studies related to sub-national PPP projects.

Telecommunications/ Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and resources on telecom sector reform, laws, regulations and licensing.


Sample legislation and agreements related to PPP in the transportation sector, including airports, ports, roads and tolls, light rail, urban passenger rail, metro, trams, railways and other transportation infrastructure projects.

Water and Sanitation

Resources, toolkits, and documents on water and sanitation sector reform, regulation and PPP projects.
(This section includes PPP in Irrigation Projects.)



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