Sample Terms of Reference (TORs) for PPP Advisors

When designing and developing a public-private partnership (PPP) project, a government agency may seek assistance from external advisors to complement its own team and supplement its resources and expertise. The range of potential advisers includes legal, financial and technical advisors and can be used to develop pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, as well as draft bidding documents and support the contracting agency in procuring and negotiating the project.

Below are resources offering guidance on drafting TORs as well as sample TORs:


Appointing and Managing Advisors Where a government agency has little experience in managing and coordinating such advisors and/ or where it only wants… more
Checklist: Drafting TORs for Advisors From the type of advisor required to fee structure and billing - find more about which issues needs to be addressed… more
Sample TORs by Project Find a compilation of sample Terms of Reference by sector or project type.