Covid-19 – implications under French Law and guidelines for future project finance transactions

Typically, a Concession Agreement or a PPA will provide for Force Majeure relief to extend beyond the Concession Agreement/PPA to other project agreements that the Concession Agreement/PPA parties are also party to, including the EPC contracts or the O&M agreements. For example, where the occurrence of a Force Majeure event prevents the EPC contractor from building the power plant, the project company may be able to seek relief from its contractual obligation under the Concession Agreement/PPA.

Financing PPP Projects with PVR Contracts: Theory and Evidence from the UK and Chile

Risk allocation is an essential component of a successful public-private partnership contract. For many of these projects, demand risk is large and mostly exogenous, which motivates considering contract designs that do not force the concessionaire to bear risk it cannot manage. In this paper we study present-valueof-revenue (PVR) contracts, which achieve this objective. Under a PVR contract, the regulator sets the discount rate and tariff schedule and frms compete on the present value of tariff revenue.

The Role of National Development Banks in Catalyzing International Climate Finance

This publication discusses the unique role that National development banks (NDBs) could play in scaling up private financing for climate change mitigation projects through the intermediation of international and national public climate finance in their respective local credit markets and the conditions that would be needed for them to be most effective. It draws from experiences in international climate finance and best practices, processes, and products of NDBs within the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The Climate Finance Portal

This portal is a gateway to information on activities funded in developing countries to implement the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Portal presents information on financial resources that have been made available to Non-Annex I Parties to the UNFCCC, and consists of the following four modules:

National Communications Module, Fast-start Finance Module, Funds Managed by the GEF Module and Adaptation Fund Module.


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