Must Conditional Cash Transfer Programs Be Conditioned to Be Effective? - The impact of conditioning transfers on school enrollment in Mexico

A growing body of evidence suggests that conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs can have strong, positive effects on a range of welfare indicators for poor households in developing countries. However, the contribution of individual program components toward achieving these outcomes is not well understood.

Review of the European PPP Market in 2016

• 69 PPP transactions reached financial close for an aggregate value of EUR 12 billion
• In number terms, the market increased by 41% compared to 2015
• In value terms, the market decreased by 22% compared to 2015
• The most active market was the UK (by value and number of projects)
• 10 countries closed at least one PPP project
• Transport was the largest sector in value terms, whilst the education sector recorded the highest number of projects
• Over 80% of the transactions closed were government-pay PPPs

Contribution of Institutional Investors: Private Investment in Infrastructure 2011- H1 2017

This report provides a general overview of the projects that received financing from institutional investors and the share of institutional-investor contributions in the total investment garnered during the period of study. The report finds this share to be extremely low and as such the risks and barriers to institutional investment in infrastructure are also highlighted.