Welcome to the Global PPP Community Forum

Since our gathering in April and May for the COVID-19 virtual brainstorming sessions my team at the IPG GP developed a virtual platform making it dramatically easier for our community of global PPP units to stay connected. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Global PPP Community Forum.

As I reflect on our conversations, I often heard challenges that reflect COVID-19 impacts over three distinct phases. The first phase is stabilizing: the immediate response when time is of the essence and it is all about urgent action to help those most in need. The second phase is embracing our new norm and restarting, where we’re challenging old assumptions and adopting more efficient and resilient ways of operating. The third phase is about recovering and new opportunities, building back better, where we drive systemic and structural changes for the better, in areas, for example: policy and legal frameworks, contractual models or private sector participation. In this regard, it would be very remiss of me not to underscore the importance of strategically addressing these phases and developing a holistic plan to navigate the crisis.

Multiple opportunities will be available for real time networking with chances to discuss, share, and debate new ideas in Café PPP. I also hope you take advantage of our planned webinars in the coming weeks. These are only some of the many opportunities to network and connect with your colleagues worldwide.

I am confident your participation in the Community will result in tremendous learning and value for your organization and nation. Enjoy this new experience as we rely on technology more than ever to connect, and please feel free at any time to give us feedback at

Thank you for being part of the Community, we look forward to supporting you in these challenging times.


Imad Fakhoury

Global Director, Infrastructure Finance, PPPs & Guarantees (IPG) Global Practice (GP), The World Bank



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