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Modules and Sections


There is no single, internationally accepted definition of Public-Private Partnership. This Reference Guide takes a… more
The module provides an overview of PPPs, and discusses projects and contracts where there is a public interest in the… more
What is a PPP: Defining "Public-Private… This section fleshes out this definition with more detail, describing PPP contract types (PPP Contract Types and… more
Infrastructure Challenges and How PPPs Can Help Infrastructure is critical for economic development, reducing poverty and inequality, creating jobs, and ensuring… more
How PPPs Are Financed Introduces ways that private finance of PPP projects can be structured and highlights points that governments need to… more
PPPs can be implemented on a one-off basis without any specific supporting legal and institutional framework. However,… more
PPP Policy Find in this section examples of how different countries define their PPP program objectives, scope, and implementing… more
PPP Legal Framework This section briefly describes and provides examples of PPP legal frameworks: Scope of the PPP Legal Framework… more
PPP Processes and Institutional Responsibilities Focuses on the process and responsibilities within the executive branch of government for implementing PPPs. Broader… more
Public Financial Management Frameworks for PPPs This section provides guidance for practitioners on public financial management for PPPs, to help avoid these pitfalls.
Broader PPP Program Governance Describes the broader governance of the PPP program—how other entities and the general public participate in the PPP… more
Municipal and other subnational PPPs Municipal governments are closer to the populations they serve, and therefore better able to identify projects that… more
This module provides guidance on each stage of developing and implementing a PPP project—from identifying PPP… more
Identifying PPP Projects The first step towards a successful PPP is identifying a potential PPP project. Since a PPP is a public investment,… more
Appraising Potential PPP Projects Potential PPP projects must undergo an appraisal process to ensure that developing and implementing them makes sense.… more
Structuring PPP Projects Starting with identifying and prioritizing project risks (Identifying Risks) then describing how risks are allocated (… more
Designing PPP Contracts This section briefly sets out some key considerations—and provides links to tools, examples, and further resources—in… more
Managing PPP Transactions Describes each of these steps, and provide further resources and tools for practitioners interested in managing PPP… more
Managing PPP Contracts This section describes four key aspects of putting contract management into practice for PPP projects from establishing… more
Dealing with Unsolicited Proposals An unsolicited proposal (USP) is a proposal made by a private party to undertake a PPP project, submitted at the… more
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