Title: TOR Toolkit - Self-Optimizing 24/7

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Terms of Reference (TORs)

Published: April 10, 2022

Region: Global

Country: Global-World

Sector: Water and Sanitation

Keywords: Knowledge Lab, Water, Preparation


Document Summary:

This TOR is one of four designed to produce innovative types of NRW Reduction Contracts. The TORs are designed to be used as part of an NRW-reduction project being implemented in accordance with the NRW Manual. It is assumed that the consultant will be engaged after an Initial Assessment (and if needed, a Field Assessment) of the utility and relevant networks have been completed (see Section 5 of the Manual). That assessment will have gathered information on the Water Balance, assessed whether NRW control is needed, whether a performance-based contract is appropriate, and what the goal of the contract should be.

Document Details:

Operational Manual: Global Program on Developing Good PBC Practices for Managing NRW, The World Bank, December 2016. The Operational Manual describes the process for planning and implementing non-revenue water (NRW)-reduction projects, specifically through Performance-Based Contracts (PBCs). It focuses on the process and key decisions to be made. It outlines how the national government, the water utility, the World Bank, and the consultant should work together to improve water service quality and sustainability by correctly assessing when NRW PBCs will be useful, and implementing them well.


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Updated: April 10, 2022