Title: ToRs for Consultant to Advise on Telecoms Mobile Phone Law Reform and Preparation of Draft Licenses and Bid Package

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Document Summary:

Terms of Reference for the selection of an international consulting firm to assist in the preparation and award of wireless licenses.

Document Details:

II. Objective of the Consultancy

The Government seeks technical assistance from an internationally qualified legal consultant to draft the  necessary legal instruments (amendments, revisions and new draft laws and related legislative instruments, together with related regulatory documents and instruments) to ensure that the new legal and regulatory  framework is consistent with [COUNTRY’S] WTO commitments. In particular, the new framework should inspire confidence among potential investors and provide an environment of open, fair and transparent regulation over an evolving competitive sector.

In addition, the legal instruments should be consistent with other relevant legislation, including competition laws and regulations, if any. Where there is conflict, the consultant should provide language in the draft legal instruments to resolve these conflicts, taking into account existing legislation and ensuring the consistency of the new telecommunications legal and regulatory framework with the overall objectives of the Government, [COUNTRY] law and international commitments and obligations of [COUNTRY].

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Updated: January 27, 2022