Title: ToRs for Consultant to Advise on Telecoms Law Reform

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Sectors: Telecom and ICT

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ToRs for Consultant to Advise on Telecoms Law Reform

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1. In preparation for future liberalization privatization of the incumbent telecommunications operator, [IFI], through the use of a consultant, will assist the Ministry of Communications in revising the Telecommunications Law of [COUNTRY].
The task will be undertaken by suitable legal advisers who will work in close cooperation with [COUNTRY] legal advisers, Ministry officials and other as appropriate, to prepare a comprehensive draft Telecommunications law, based on present policies as expressed through existing draft law texts an the present policy of the newly elected
government of [COUNTRY].

2. The explicit objectives of the assignment are:
(a) an expression of the present telecommunications Sector Policy;
(b) a draft law text meeting the approval of the present government of [COUNTRY], with sufficient legal flexibility to allow the sector developments contemplated for the next ___ years; and
(c) assistance to the Government to facilitate the passage of the law through Parliament.

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This document has been prepared for the purposes of the PPP Legal Resource Center (PPPLRC). It is a checklist for general guidance purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for specific legal advice for a project.


Updated: January 27, 2022