Title: ToR - Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services for Private Sector Participation in the Development of New Generation Capacity

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Sectors: Energy and Power

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ToR Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services bytes

Document Summary:

Terms of Reference Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services for Private Sector Participation in the Development of New Generation Capacity, Related Transmission and The Development of a [LIGNITE FIELD]

Document Details:

The purpose of this document is to invite the submission of proposals to provide legal and regulatory advisory services to the Project Steering Committee of the Lignite Power Technical Assistance Project (the Project Steering Committee). The work to be undertaken by the advisors (the Consultant) will focus on providing legal and regulatory support to facilitate the successful completion of a proposed new mine within the [ ] Lignite Field near [LOCATION], and an associated new large-capacity lignite-fired thermal power plant ([ ] MW or above), which would sell energy and capacity to serve both domestic and regional demand, in a manner consistent with international best practices in regard to the management of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of such developments.

Updated: October 25, 2021