Title: RenovAR

Language: English

Type: Document, Website

Nature: Agreement, Sample Clauses, Bidding Document, Guidelines, Other PPP Reference

Published: October 21, 2019

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Country: Argentina

Sector: Energy and Power

Topic: Climate-Smart

Keywords: Climate Smart, Energy and Power, Renewable Energy, Energy and Power Core

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Argentina has been holding public auctions to buy RE under a program called “RenovAR”. 

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The program applies for wind energy, solar energy,biomass and small hydroelectric plants and biogas. It includes a “green trust fund” to provide security and confidence to investors. Cammesa(Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico) has published the relevant laws, and bidding documents (including draft PPAs) on its website.

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Updated: October 25, 2021