Title: Project Finance Primer 2010 by the Federal Highway Administration - U.S. Department of Transportation

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Transportation officials at all levels of government are challenged to identify ways to pay for improvements to our Nation's transportation infrastructure. Despite record levels of investment in surface transportation infrastructure in recent years, traditional funding sources have not kept pace with the investment demands of an aging and increasingly complex U.S. transportation system.

For almost two decades, the Federal government has responded to this investment gap by providing new techniques that complement and enhance existing grant reimbursement programs. This Project Finance Primer describes those techniques and provides examples of such techniques as applied by State and local partners.

This Project Finance Primer is an update to the Innovative Finance Brochure, published by FHWA in 2002 (Publication No. FHWA-AD-02-006). This primer focuses on bonds and credit assistance and incorporates new project finance techniques that have become available for transportation projects since the brochure's publication in 2002, including changes and new programs adopted under SAFETEA-LU. Innovative management of Federal funds and project delivery options are NOT covered in this primer.

For more information about this sector, please visit Public–Private Partnerships in Transport.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
 Primer Organization
 Definition of Project Finance
 Types of Project Finance Techniques
  Bond and Debt Financing Terms
  Loans and Credit Assistance Terms
 Evolution and History of Project Finance and Federal Role
Chapter 2: Bonds and Debt Financing
 Definition and Concepts
  Corporate Bonds
  Government Bonds
 Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicles (GARVEEs)
  How Does It Work?
  What Are the Benefits?
  How Is It Used?
 Build America Bonds (BABs)

Updated: October 25, 2021