Title: ICT Toolkit Legal and Institutional Framework

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Sectors: Telecom and ICT

Topics: Procurement

Keywords: Legal Framework, Sector, Legal issues, Telecom and ICT, ICT Core


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The convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, and information technology is blurring previously distinct disciplines and technologies, requiring regulatory reform for the information and communication sector. This Module provides resources on various regulatory approaches for regulators, policymakers, and practitioners within the current ICT environment.

Table of Contents 6 (html)

1 Introduction

2 Why Regulate?

3 Legal Context of Regulatory Reform

4 Impact of Convergence

5 Elements for an Effective Regulator

6 Organizational and Institutional Approaches To Regulation

7 Functional Aspects of Regulation

Executive Summary Executive Summary in English (pdf) | in French l in Spanish l in Russian l in Chinese l in Arabic 

Updated: June 21, 2022