Title: PPP Contracts in An Age of Disruption (Download PDF version) - Coming soon!

Language: English

Type: Other Publications

Nature: Guidelines

Published: September 1, 2022

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Topic: Disruptions and PPPs

Keywords: Age of Disruption, Contractual Provisions

Document Summary:

PPP Contracts in An Age of Disruption examines how disruptive technologies impact public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure; what this means for the management of existing PPP contracts; and how better partnerships can be created—ones that are more resilient to such changes, as well as flexible enough to encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors in order to allow implementation of innovative technologies.

The Report addresses these questions systematically by (i) defining disruptive technologies and their potential impacts on infrastructure projects and PPP contracts; (ii) outlining different policy options during the project development phase that encourage private sector adoption of innovative technology while improving resilience towards technological disruption; and (iii) discussing considerations for PPP contract management as well as future contracts to embed flexibility that allows for the integration of new technologies and accounts for technology disruptions that will inevitably occur.


Document Details:

PPP Contracts in An Age of Disruption includes the following sections:

1.     Context and Aim of the Report

2.     Disruptive Technology, Infrastructure and PPPs

3.     Enhancing “Innovation Resilience” and the Adoption of Disruptive Technology throughout the PPP Project Cycle

4.     Case Studies 

5.     Conclusion and Next Steps



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