Title: Climate Toolkits: Water Production and Treatment

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Toolkit

Published: May 17, 2023

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Sector: Water and Sanitation

Keywords: Climate Toolkits - Online, Water supply and sewerage system

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Document Summary:

The Water toolkit provides a range of tools to address key climate-related aspects in project planning. It incorporates climate considerations in project selection, identifies risks, and evaluates climate effects on project economics. It utilizes project data and existing climate resources to develop project-specific considerations for further evaluation.

Document Details:

The toolkit consists of five modules: Module 1 focuses on aligning projects with international agreements and policies. Module 2 assesses greenhouse gas emissions and suggests mitigation solutions. Module 3 evaluates climate risks and proposes adaptation strategies. Module 4 guides economic appraisals considering climate factors. Module 5 suggests key performance indicators for contractual compliance with climate objectives.

Updated: October 12, 2023