Victorian Desalination PPP

When built the facility - located at on the Bass Coast near Wonthaggi southern Victoria - will produce up to 150 billion litres of water a year, with the possibility of future expansion to 200 billion litres.

The plant will consist of:

  • 150 GL pa capacity desalination plant
  • intake and outlet tunnels, 85km transfer pipeline,
  • underground power transmission line and
  • 63MW wind farm to power the plant

Singapore - Water Price

Water pricing is an important and effective mechanism to reflect the scarcity value of water. Water is priced not only to recover the full costs of its supply and production, but also to incorporate the higher cost of producing water from unconventional sources, specifically NEWater and desalinated water. 

The water price was last revised in 2000, over the period from 1997 to 2000. 

Meeting water demand in growing cities: a PPP project in Sudan

Significant increases in investment and improvements in management capacity are required to meet the demand for infrastructure services in the rapidly growing cities of low- and middle-income countries. Closing the infrastructure financing gap requires both public and private finance. Sudan has long experienced under-investment in potable water infrastructure, and access to clean drinking water in fast-growing Khartoum is inadequate.

Contrat de Concession de Travaux Publics et de Gestion du Patrimoine de l'Hydraulique Urbaine et Periurbaine au Profit de la Camwater

The contract was designed for the provision of water services in Cameroon between the government of Cameroon and the state-owned company, Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (Camwater), which is a state-owned asset holding company in charge of managing the property and rights concerning the drinking water service in urban and suburban areas, and is responsible for the construction, maintenance and management of infrastructure, capture, production, storage and transportation of potable water.