Climate Toolkits for Infrastructure PPPs If structured correctly, PPPs can increase climate resilience offering innovative solutions to address both mitigation and adaptation challenges.  
Well-maintained: Economic Benefits from More Reliable & Resilient Infrastructure This World Bank report was commissioned to inform this past weekend’s G20 conversations.
Gender Equality, Infrastructure and PPPs This primer points out that best practices at the intersection of gender equality and infrastructure PPPs are still evolving.  It is a first step and hopes to spark inspiration for PPP project team
PPP Reference Guide 3.0 (Full version) What is in the PPP Reference Guide? The Reference Guide provides the most relevant examples and resources on key PPP topics and helps readers navigate the substantial body
Climate-Resilient Public Private Partnerships This “Toolkit for Climate Resilient Infrastructure PPP” and the accompanying report “Improving Climate Resilience in Public Private Partnerships in Jamaica” are the result of an 18-month project of
COVID-19 and Public-Private Partnerships Practice Notes This practice note is comprised of three modules: Assessing Operational PPP Portfolios, Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on PPP Pipelines and Projects in Preparation, and Stocktake of government re
Government Guarantees for Mobilizing Private Investment in Infrastructure A guidebook for government officials in emerging markets and developing economies(EMDEs) on government guarantees for public-private-partnership (PPP) projects
Training Modules, Capacity Building Program Webpage to Philippines PPP Training Program.
Politica de gestion de iniciativas privadas en proyectos the infraestructura Sin embargo, muchos proyectos que se originan como IP experimentan desafíos, incluyendo el desvío de recursos públicos de los planes estratégicos del gobierno, proporcionando un p
Connectivity, Handshake Issue # 15 Handshake's issue 15 focuses on connectivity or the physical networks that allow people to communicate as well as the ability to interact with another person or the services one receives from an in
Dedicated Public-Private Partnership Units: A Survey of Institutional and Governance Structures OECD. 2010. Dedicated Public-Private Partnership Units: A Survey of Institutional and Governance Structures. Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. [#2257]
Waste PPPs, Handshake Issue # 12 Handshake, International Finance Corporation's (IFC's) quarterly journal on public-private partnerships, Issue # 12, January 2014.
Port Reform Toolkit PPIAF, World Bank, 2nd Edition The Port Reform Toolkit is aimed to provide policymakers and practitioners with effective decision support in undertaking sustainable and well-considered reforms of public institutions that provide
Policy Guidelines for Managing Unsolicited Proposals in Infrastructure Projects - Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III Many projects that originate as USPs experience challenges, including diverting public resources away from the strategic plans of the government, providing poor value for money, and leading to patr
World Bank Group Guarantee Products Guidance Note This guide summarizes each of the relevant products and provides practical guidance on when each product might be helpful.
Infrastructure Regulation in Developing Countries - An Exploration of Hybrid and Transitional Models (Working Paper Number 4)   This publication is the fruit of the collaboration and support to the African Forum for Utility Regulators (
Public procurement for innovation: Good practices and strategies The report takes stock of the strategic use of procurement for innovation in OECD Member countries and non-Member economies.
政府和社会资本在垃圾处理项目上的合作,《Handshake Issue》,第12期 《Handshake Issue》是国际金融公司(IFC)关于政府和社会资本合作项目的季刊,第12期,2014年1月。