Title: Connectivity, Handshake Issue # 15

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Handshake's issue 15 focuses on connectivity or the physical networks that allow people to communicate as well as the ability to interact with another person or the services one receives from an institution or organization. Public-private partnerships in information and communication technology can help create those connections and most importantly connect the still unconnected. Throughout the issue, we see how transformative ICT has been in the developed world and also acknowledge how far there is to go until everyone is given the same digital resources. We hear first-hand from the head of Facebook's internet.org initiative, which aims to bring free internet access to the base of the pyramid.

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Handshake, International Finance Corporation's (IFC's) quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (PPPs), Issue # 15, October 2014. No government can afford to ignore technology, and the momentum behind Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is unrelenting. This issue of Handshake explores how public-private partnerships (PPPs) in ICT can help the public sector manage technology, become more responsive to citizens' needs, and reach out to the two-thirds of the world that is still unconnected. In-depth case studies on national technology plans across the globe highlight PPPs' critical role in overcoming the most common challenges.

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