Title: Vietnam - Regulation on Organization and Operation of Electric Power Retail Service/Network

Languages: English

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Region: East Asia and Pacific

Country: Vietnam

Sectors: Energy and Power

Topics: Procurement

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Vietnam–A regulation that spells out the rights and responsibilities of EVN (the Vietnamese national utility) and retail service providers (i.e., affiliated and non-affiliatated entities that purchase electricity at wholesale and resell this electricity at retail to end use customers.  Vietnam has had considerable success in expanding grid electrification through standardization of construction standards and standardized contracts between EVN and the retail service providers.  The number of connected rural households grew from 14% in 1993 to 94.5% in 2008.  A more detailed description of the Vietnamese electrification program can be found in the presentation  at the June 2009 Maputo workshop of Mr. Hung Van Tien ( Marjorie/Raluca: please provide the URL). Regulation on Organization and Operation of Electric Power Retail Service/Network (Undated, 24 pages ).

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Updated: March 21, 2021