Title: Telecommunications Legislation in Transitional and Developing Economies

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Sectors: Telecom and ICT

Topics: Procurement

Keywords: Legal Framework *, Telecom and ICT


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This report examines the design of telecommunications legislation in countries with transitional and developing economies engaged in liberalizing and privatizing their telecommunications sectors. While recognizing the cliche that this sector is evolving at a dizzying velocity, the authors intended not to address every issue or eventuality of sector development. Rather, the purpose of this paper is to provide a framework for debate on a policy level about a myriad of choices facing policymakers and legislators, taking into account the rate of change in one of the world's most dynamic sectors. This report is also a synthesis of international best practice from the developed world, the developing world, from countries with common law law legal traditions as well as civil law, and others. it is retrospective (taking advantage of lessons learned, both positive and negative) and forward looking. It does not purport to be a model law and is not intended to be used as one, but as a device for decisionmakers to identify issues raised by the particular circumstances posed by their markets and to craft solutions to those needs.

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Updated: March 25, 2021