Title: Technical Specifications to Concession Contract (Unofficial English translation), Mali

Languages: English

Type: Document

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Mali

Sectors: Energy and Power

Topics: Pro-poor

Keywords: Energy and Power, Concession, Energy and Power Core


Document Summary:

This is a detailed annex to a Mali rural energy concession document that allows a retail service provider to serve a specified community. It specifies minimum daily duration of the service and the requirement that voltage cannot fluctuate by more than 12% from the target level and frequency by more than 5 % from the target level. It also specifies the information that the concession holder must report to AMADER, the rural electrification agency in Mali.

Document Details:

Article 21 specifies reporting requirements for the concession holder. Article 25 gives detailed formulas on how retail tariffs will be set. The tariff setting formula allows the concession holder to recover the costs of pre-financing the customer’s connection costs. The overall effect is that AMADER (a rural energy agency) functions both as a grant giving agency and a de facto regulator.

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Updated: October 5, 2021