Title: PPP Reference Guide - PPP Framework

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Guidelines

Published: April 27, 2017

Region: Global

Country: Global-World

Topic: PPP Reference Guide, Tools

Keywords: About PPP, PPP Framework, Legal Framework, PPP Project Cycle


Document Summary:

Describes the elements of a sound legal and institutional PPP framework—that is, the policy, processes, institutions, and rules that together define how PPPs will be identified and implemented, and that promote good governance of PPP programs. 

The "PPP framework" consists of the policies, procedures, institutions, and rules that together define how PPPs will be identified, assessed, selected, prioritized, budgeted for, procured, monitored, and accounted for; and who will be responsible for these tasks. Establishing a PPP framework communicates government's commitment to PPPs and it fosters efficiency in the governance of the PPP program—that is, it promotes  accountability, transparency, and integrity. It ensures that selected projects are aligned with the government’s development strategy, generate the greatest economic returns for society as a whole, and do not expose the government to excessive fiscal risks. It also guarantees that consultation with stakeholders will be systematically undertaken and fair compensation awarded to those that are entitled to receive it. This generates greater private sector interest and public acceptance of PPP programs. 

Document Details:

Establishing the PPP Framework

2.1 PPP Policy

2.1.1 PPP Program Objectives 

2.1.2 PPP Program Scope

2.2 PPP Legal Framework

2.2.1 Scope of the PPP Legal Framework

2.2.2 PPP Laws

2.3 PPP Processes and Institutional Responsibilities

2.3.1 PPP Process

2.3.2 Institutional Responsibilities: Implementation

2.3.3 Institutional Responsibilities: Review and Approval

2.3.4 Dedicated PPP Units

2.4 Public Financial Management Frameworks for PPPs

2.4.1 Assessing Fiscal Implications of a PPP Project

2.4.2 Controlling Aggregate Exposure to PPPs

2.4.3 Budgeting for Government Commitments to PPPs

2.4.4 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting for PPPs

2.5 Broader PPP Program Governance

2.5.1 Stakeholder Communication and Engagement

2.5.2 Disclosure of PPP Project and Program Information

2.5.3 Role of Supreme Auditing Institutions

2.5.4 Role of Legislative Bodies

2.5.5 Role of Independent Regulators

2.6 Municipal and other subnational PPPs

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