Title: PPP Reference Guide - PPP Cycle

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Guidelines

Published: April 27, 2017

Region: Global

Country: Global-World

Topic: PPP Reference Guide, Tools

Keywords: About PPP, PPP Framework, Legal Framework, PPP Project Cycle


Document Summary:

Provides guidance on each stage of developing and implementing a PPP project—from initially identifying candidate projects to managing PPP contracts through the project lifetime.

This module provides guidance on each stage of developing and implementing a PPP project—from identifying PPP candidates to managing  contracts through the project life cycle. PPP Process introduced the overall PPP development and implementation process, also shown in PPP Development and Implementation Process. This module describes each stage of the PPP process in more detail, providing links to resources, tools, and further guidance for PPP practitioners.

Document Details:

PPP Cycle

3.1 Identifying PPP Projects

3.1.1 Identifying Priority Public Investment Projects

3.1.2 Screening for PPP Potential

3.1.3 Building an Initial PPP Pipeline

3.2 Appraising Potential PPP Projects

3.2.1 Assessing Project Feasibility and Economic Viability

3.2.2 Environmental and Social Studies and Standards

3.2.3 Assessing Commercial Viability

3.2.4 Assessing Value for Money of the PPP

3.2.5 Assessing Fiscal Implications

3.2.6 Assessing the Ability to Manage the Project

3.3 Structuring PPP Projects

3.3.1 Identifying Risks

3.3.2 Allocating Risks

3.3.3 Translating Risk Allocation into Contract Structure

3.4 Designing PPP Contracts 

3.4.1 Performance Requirements

3.4.2 Payment Mechanism

3.4.3 Adjustment Mechanisms

3.4.4 Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

3.4.5 Termination Provisions

3.5 Managing PPP Transactions

3.5.1 Deciding the Procurement Strategy

3.5.2 Marketing the PPP

3.5.3 Qualifying Bidders

3.5.4 Managing the Bid Process

3.5.5 Achieving Contract Effectiveness and Financial Close

3.6 Managing PPP Contracts

3.6.1 Establishing Contract Management Structures

3.6.2 Monitoring and Managing PPP Delivery and Risk

3.6.3 Dealing with Change

3.6.4 Contract Expiry and Asset Handover

3.7 Dealing with Unsolicited Proposals

3.7.1 Benefits and Pitfalls of Unsolicited Proposals

3.7.2 Creating Competitive Tension

3.7.3 Dealing with Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

3.7.4 Defining Clear Policy and Processes

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