Title: PPP Reference Guide - PPP Basics

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Nature: Guidelines

Published: April 27, 2017

Region: Global

Country: Global-World

Topic: PPP Reference Guide, Tools

Keywords: About PPP **, PPP Framework ***, Legal Framework *, PPP Project Cycle


Document Summary:

The module provides an overview of PPPs, and discusses projects and contracts where there is a public interest in the provision of services and where the project involves long-life assets linked to the long-term nature of the PPP contract. What is a PPP: Defining "Public-Private Partnership" outlines the variety of contract types, and the terminology used to describe them.

This section also presents types of partnerships to which the definition and guidance material in this Reference Guide would generally not apply. Some of them present similitudes to PPPs, others are significantly different.

  • What is a PPP: Defining "Public-Private Partnership"
  • Infrastructure Challenges and How PPPs Can Help
  • How PPPs Are Financed

Document Details:

PPP Basics

1.1 What is a PPP: Defining “Public-Private Partnership”

1.1.1 PPP Contract Types and Terminology

1.1.2 What PPP is Not: Other Types of Private Involvement

1.1.3 How PPPs Are Used: Sectors and Services

1.2 Infrastructure Challenges and How PPPs Can Help

1.2.1 Insufficient Funds

1.2.2 Poor Planning and Project Selection

1.2.3 Weak Management

1.2.4 Inadequate Maintenance

1.2.5 Infrastructure in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

1.2.6 Climate Change and Natural Disasters

1.3 How PPPs Are Financed

1.3.1 Finance Structures for PPP

1.3.2 Considerations for Government

1.3.3 The Role of Public Finance in PPPs

1.3.4 Third Party Risk Mitigation and Credit Enhancement


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