Title: PPP Laws/Concession Laws - Egypt

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Published: December 1, 2021

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Egypt

Topic: Legal Framework

Keywords: Country Profile, Egypt, Concession, PPP Regulation, PPP Law

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The Public Partnership Law of 2010 (Law 67) with later amendments, PPP Executive Regulations of Law No.67 of 2010 are the main legal framework for procuring PPPs in Egypt.  

See also the Public Procurement Law of 2018 (Law 182) and sector specific laws. 

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The Public Partnership Law of 2010 (Law 67) 

This English translation of the Law No. 67 for the year 2010 has been reviewed by Zulficar & Partners Law Firm and Trowers & Hamlins in association with Nour Law Office. Neither The Ministry of Finance PPPCU, and its employees, nor its above mentioned legal advisors, their partners, employees and consultants, makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of this translation.
All such parties and entities expressly disclaim any and all liability for, or based on or relating to this translation of The Law No. 67 for the year 2010. It shall be noted than in case of any and all discrepancies between the original Arabic provisions and this translation, the original Arabic provisions of the Law shall prevail.

Updated: February 16, 2022