Title: Contrato de Acceso a la Vía Férrea (Track Access Agreement)

Languages: Spanish

Type: Document

Published: January 1, 2010

Region: Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)

Country: Peru

Sectors: Transportation

Keywords: Concession, Rail


Document Details:

Contrato de Accesso a la Via Férrea (Track Access Agreement)Agreement between the infrastructure manager and concessionaire of the Southern and Southeastern Railway line (Ferrocaril Transandino S.A. - FTSA) and its sister company, the railway operator PeruRail S.A. The concessionaire grants the railway operator access to the railway infrastructure to operate passenger and freight services upon payment of an access charge. The track access rights of the railway operator are subject to the obligation of the concessionaire to grant track access to other railway operators that wish to operate transport services on the network. At the time of conclusion of the contract PeruRail S.A. was the exclusive railway operator on the FTSA's network. More information on track access to this network is published on Ferrocaril Transandino S.A.'s website

See also the Contrato de Arrendamiento del Material tractivo y Rodante (Rolling Stock Lease Agreement) between the parties and the information on this website on the respective railway concession.


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