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PPP Online Reference Guide
The Reference Guide is not a toolkit or a step-by-step guidebook; nor does it cover the specifics of PPPs in any given… more
Country Profiles
Find Country-level PPP profiles and links to key data and resources in East Asia and Pacific, Central Asia, Latin… more
PPPs by Sector
Just as there are different types of public-private partnerships (PPPs), PPPs also exist in a variety of industry… more
PPPs by Topic
Find more information about the following topics related to public private partnerships.
Legal and Regulatory Issues Concerning PPPs
When planning and developing public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects, the existing legal, regulatory… more
PPP Arrangements/Types of PPP Agreements
Public-private partnerships (PPPs) take a wide range of forms varying in the extent of involvement of and risk taken by… more
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Welcome to ChatPPP!
This revamped space brings together the best and latest of technology to cater for a space to share insights, discuss… more