About PPPLRC (PPP Legal Resource Center)

The Public-Private Partnership Legal Resource Center (PPPLRC) formerly known as Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Resource Center for Contracts, Laws and Regulations (PPPIRC) provides easy access to an array of sample legal materials which can assist in the planning, design and legal structuring of any infrastructure project — especially a project which involves a public-private partnership (PPP). It is organized in two broad categories: (i) guidance on structuring a PPP project and its enabling environment and (ii) sector specific information.

This Web site is designed to cover the framework of a PPP project from an analysis of a  government's objectives in developing an infrastructure project. Depending on the goals of the government and objectives of the project, the PPPLRC then has materials to assess the PPP legal framework and provides sample legislation and guidelines for not only PPP laws  but also sector specific legislation and regulation which may need to be modified or enacted. With the legal framework in place, the PPPLRC then provides materials through the broad spectrum of PPP Agreements. Guideline materials on PPP Financing are also available. Lastly, for the user's convenience, the  PPPLRC provides a PPP Library of summarized and annotated sample agreements and other resources. Through the  Advanced Search, materials may be found by sector, region, document type and language.

The PPPLRC also offers a wealth of sector-specific information on energywatertransportation, information & communication technologiessolid waste, and most recently has dedicated a page to resources on clean energy.

While each of these sectors has varying legal needs and uses different approaches, some legal materials specific to one sector can be useful for work in other sectors. This site includes materials of general application to infrastructure projects as well as those which are sector specific.

For more information about the site, please view our PPPLRC 2018 Report here, or the links below:

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