Climate-Smart PPPs

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The majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions today is associated with carbon-intense infrastructure construction and operation, such as energy, public transport, water supply and sanitation infrastructure. At the same time, is expected that economies will need to invest approximately $90 trillion over the next 15 years to build new or to rehabilitate ageing infrastructure to meet the global demand, which is an increase from the estimated US$3.4 trillion per year currently invested in infrastructure to about US$6 trillion per year with over two thirds of infrastructure build in emerging economies and developing countries. 

Developing climate-smart, resilient infrastructure will therefore be crucial to reduce GHG emissions and build up resilience to adapt to uncertain and more permanent effects of climate change to protect the poorest and most vulnerable people. To deliver climate-smart infrastructure solutions, private investment and expertise is essential, including sustainable infrastructure finance through public-private partnership (PPP) models.

This section of the PPPLRC website provides links to policies, legislation, project documents and other resources that are relevant for developing, structuring and implementing PPPs that promote climate change mitigation and resilience.

  1. Climate-Smart PPP Legal and Regulatory Framework
  2. Preparing, Procuring and Implementing Climate-Smart PPPs
  3. ​Sector-Specific Content
  4. Further Reading and Resources