Valuation of the Minimum Revenue Guarantee in the Urban Railway PPP Project

East Asia and Pacific
South Korea
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By Kang-Soo Kim, Korea Development Institute (KDI), December 2013 (Korean with English summary). 


With the revised Act on Private Participation in Infrastructure, Korea introduced a public-private partnership (PPP) framework that is designed to reduce the traffic forecasting risk by guaranteeing a minimum revenue. Accordingly, large-scale PPP transport projects that have been initiated include the option of the Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG). This study aims to calculate the economic value of the MRG within a PPP urban railway project.

The MRG system has been indeed a significant contributor to the promotion of the large-scale Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) projects, but the system has its own structural problem that the private concessionaire might try to intentionally overestimate the traffic flow. 


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