Title: Toolkit for Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Bus Transport - Maharashtra India

Languages: English

Type: Document

Published: January 1, 2011

Region: South Asia

Country: Global / Non-Specific, India

Sectors: Transportation

Keywords: Urban transport, Transport, Transport Core



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Document Summary:

This toolkit was prepared to assist public entities in the state of Maharashtra in India in developing public-private partnership (PPP) urban bus transport projects. It includes case studies and detailed term sheets for the different PPP options that aim to facilitate the drafting of contracts.

Document Details:

Terms sheets are provided for (a) cost-plus contracts and net-cost contracts (typically lease contracts) where the private sector owns, operates and maintains the buses while the public authority collects the revenue, (b) licensing contracts (typically operation & maintenance contracts) where the buses are owned by the public authority and the private party operates and maintains the buses and collect the revenue, and (c) a bus depot contract (DBO) as well as (d) a monorail operation and maintenance contract.  

Asian Development Bank, 2011.

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