Title: PPPIAF Toolkit: Building Regional Power Pools

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PPPIAF Toolkit: Building Regional Power Pools bytes

Document Summary:

The purpose of the toolkit is to facilitate knowledge transfer among World Bank Group staff and clients on how to design and prepare projects that support the development of cross-border power transmission infrastructure within the framework of regional power pooling mechanisms.

Document Details:

The toolkit has a modular structure: The “Road Map” introduces the broad developmental context for the regional power pool initiatives, which the World Bank Group is supporting under the Infrastructure Action Plan. It describes the building blocks—a robust legal, regulatory, and organization, framework—for regional power pool initiatives and highlights critical success factors through a case study on the enduring experience of Nordic countries.

The toolkit thereafter consists of an initial set of “Modules” that are intended to facilitate the transfer of know-how to World Bank Group staff and client country counterparts involved in the design, preparation, and appraisal of lending operations in support of regional energy integration initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially those associated with establishing fledgling power pooling mechanisms for Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western Africa

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Updated: October 25, 2021