Title: PPP Unit Sri Lanka

Language: English

Type: Website

Nature: Laws and Regulations

Published: June 23, 2021

Region: South Asia

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Legal Framework, PPP Unit

Keywords: Legal Framework, PPP Regulation, PPP Law, PPP unit

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The website for the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka.

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka aims to create an environment for all inhabitants of Sri Lanka and the contributors to its development, to have access to essential infrastructure and utility services in the most economical manner within the boundaries of the sustainable development agenda of the country.

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The website for the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka.

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka completes 38 years of existence in 2016. In this time, it has acted as an engine of growth creating a considerable impact on the country's economic development. The organization had its origins in the Greater Colombo Economic Commission (GCEC), which was established in 1978 to generate development in the outskirts of Colombo. Fourteen years later, in 1992, the Commission was reconstituted as the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) with its mandate encompassing the entire island.

The BOI is structured to function as a central facilitation point for investors. BOI is committed towards continuously improving the country's investment climate. The Board of Directors drawn from the private and public sectors and its several departments are geared to facilitating the investment process.

Updated: August 16, 2021