Title: PPP Unit Cambodia

Language: English

Type: Website

Nature: Laws and Regulations

Published: May 31, 2021

Region: East Asia and Pacific

Country: Cambodia

Topic: Legal Framework, PPP Unit

Keywords: Legal Framework, PPP Regulation, PPP Law, PPP unit

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The Private Sector Development Steering Committee (PSDC) acts as a sub-steering committee on decisions related to private participation in infrastructure and sets out a policy framework for developing PPPs. It is chaired by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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The Central Public-Private Partnerships Unit (CPU) is under the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The unit acts as the Secretariat to the Inter-Ministerial Committee for PPPs (the "IMC"), which is the overarching body responsible for selecting and approving PPP projects. The IMC relies on the CPU to make recommendations on project selection and project approval.

Updated: February 16, 2022