Title: PHARES Program (Programme Haïtien d'Accès des communautés Rurales à l'Energie Solaire)

Language: French

Type: Website

Nature: Website

Published: October 10, 2022

Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Country: Haiti

Sector: Energy and Power

Topic: Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

Keywords: Fragile and Conflict-Affected States - FCS, Renewable Energy

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This is the official website of the PHARES Program (Programme Haïtien d'Accès des communautés Rurales à l'Energie Solaire).

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The PHARES program is developed by the Government of Haiti in close collaboration with the IDB and the WB and aims to increase the access of rural and peri-urban communities to solar energy and in particular to provide access to affordable, accessible sustainable and high quality electricity, through sustainable energy services, through mini-grids using renewable energy, storage and conventional generation units (if necessary), developed and operated by private sector operators. In this mix, at least 50% of the energy produced and consumed must be generated from renewable energy sources. The Program provides subsidies to ensure the sustainability of the services provided and access to these services at affordable cost for the users.

Updated: November 19, 2022