Title: Natural Resources PPPs, Handshake Issue # 14

Languages: English

Type: Publication

Region: Global

Country: Global / Non-Specific

Sectors: Energy and Power

Topics: Climate-Smart

Keywords: Contractual Provisions, Force majeure/act of god, Renewable Energy


Document Summary:

This issue focuses on PPPs that manage and preserve natural resources such as water and forests. Projects include a hybrid-public private agency that has standardized water services and restored the coast in Cartagena, Colombia, and an environmental management initiative around Africa's Lake Victoria that aims to reduce pollution and the resouce footprint of industrial activities. The issue also includes interviews with 2014 Stockholm Water Laureate John Briscoe, science correspondent M. Sanjayan and Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Document Details:

Handshake, International Finance Corporation's (IFC's) quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (PPPs), Issue # 14, July 2014. This issue focuses on natural resource PPPs that are making a difference. It profiles a hybrid public-private agency that has standardized water service to residents while restoring the coast as well as an environmental management initiative around Africa’s Lake Victoria with the potential to reduce the pollution and resource footprint of industrial activities. Original articles from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and The Rockefeller Foundation outline how Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) brings PPP's benefits directly to farmers, fishers and those who manage forests. 

Information related to this topic is available in our section Clean Technology PPPs.  

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Updated: February 2, 2021