Title: Montenegro: Decree for Wind Power

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Region: Europe and Central Asia

Country: Montenegro

Sectors: Energy and Power

Topics: Climate-Smart

Keywords: Sector, Renewable Energy, Wind power, Legal issues


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Pursuant to Article 3 paragraph 1 item 4 of the Energy Law (“Official Gazette of Republic of Montenegro”, No. 39/03»), and Article 40, paragraph 3 of the State Property Law (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 21/09), the Government of Montenegro, during the session held on September 17, 2009, passed the DECREE FOR WIND POWER PLANTS.
The Decree defines the procedure for measurement and research of the wind potential, method and procedure of leasing land to be used for the measuring site, namely,the wind power plant location, the procedure for construction of the wind power plant and its connection to the electric energy system, as well as the purchase of the electric power.

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Updated: October 25, 2021