Title: Canada Transportation Act 1996 (Loi sur les Transports au Canada) and Railway Interswitching Regulations 1987 (Règlement sur l’Interconnexion du Trafic Ferroviaire)

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Canada Transportation Act 1996 (as amended) Loi sur les Transports au Canada (English and French translation within a single document) Part III of the Act deals with railway transportation. It contains regulations on running rights, joint trackage use, and interswitching. All these concepts refer to a shared use of railway infrastructure.

Railway Interswitching Regulations 1987 (as amended) Règlement sur l’Interconnexion du Trafic Ferroviaire (English and French translation within a single document) - The Regulations specify the Canada Transportation Act and contain details on interswitching zones and interswitching rates.

For more information on track access in general visit Railways: Track Access and HaulageMore information on track access laws and regulations is available at Track Access Laws and Regulations. 


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Updated: September 30, 2021