Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals, Australian Capital Territory Government

The Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals describes how the Government evaluates submissions and, if appropriate, determines the process for reaching contractual agreement on their implementation in order to meet the Government’s principles of acting in the public interest, delivering value for money, and achieving appropriate delivery. 

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Unsolicited proposals submission and assessment guidelines, Ontario

The key objectives of the unsolicited proposals program are to:

  • generate new and innovative infrastructure proposals
  • make government open for business and jobs
  • harness the creativity and innovation of the private sector
  • create a clear and fair process for receiving and evaluating proposals

The unsolicited proposals guidelines for more details on the three stages of the unsolicited proposal stage. 

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A Call for Infrastructure Development through Unsolicited Proposals : Tapping into private-sector innovation to improve infrastructure delivery

The note presents a fresh perspective on unsolicited proposals, providing provide guidance to decision-makers on how best to incorporate unsolicited bids into their infrastructure development regimes – and that it will lead to the resilient, sustainable and inclusive infrastructure that the world needs to prosper far into the future.

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