Climate-Smart PPPs: Further Reading and Resources

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Climate-Smart PPPs: Further Reading and Resources


Climate Change Frameworks, Data and Tools

World Bank Group’s Climate Change Knowledge Portal (CCKP) - Hub for climate-related information, data, and tools. The Portal provides an online platform for access to comprehensive global, regional, and country data related to climate change and development.

Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS) - Platform intends to support adaptation and mitigation policies by providing free access to climate data based on the best available science and tools for interpreting that data. This platform is a one-stop shop for information about the climate: past present and future. It provides easy access to a wide range of climate datasets via a searchable catalogue. Includes “CDS infrastructure” which is designed to provide a single entry point for users to discover and process data and products from distributed data repositories.

European Climate-Adapt Platform - Platform developed by the European Commission and European Environment Agency to provide comprehensive, reliable data to inform adaptation decisions. It includes data on projected climate change impacts, adaptation case studies, EU Sector Policies, as well as adaptation support tools for assessing, identifying, and managing climate change impacts.

Argentina’s Climate Risks Map System (SIMARCC): Interactive website developed by the Argentinian government’s National Climate Change Office that provides risk maps covering different scenarios of threats and vulnerabilities related to climate change. This platform combines georeferenced data on the potential hazards from climate change with data on social vulnerabilities. This tool was designed to be useful for decision makers in the public and private sectors

Brazil’s AdaptaClima Platform: the AdaptaClima platform intends to support the dissemination of information and material on climate change to decision makers. It is an interactive and collaborative space for sharing tools, studies and methodologies. The development of the platform was coordinated by the Brazilian Ministry of Environment.




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