Title: FAST-Infra initiative (Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition-Infrastructure initiative)

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Nature: Other PPP Reference

Published: June 4, 2021

Region: East Asia and Pacific

Country: India

Keywords: Climate Smart

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FAST-Infra — the ‘Finance to Accelerate the SustainableTransition-Infrastructure’ initiative — aims to close the trillion dollar sustainable infrastructure investment gap, with urgency, by transforming sustainable infrastructure into a mainstream, liquid asset class.

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FAST-Infra initiative (Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition-Infrastructure initiative) - founded in early 2020 as a collaboration of the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), HSBC, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), OECD and the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) under the auspices of President Macron’s One Planet Lab. The platform aims to propose practical and inclusive solutions aimed at establishing sustainable infrastructure as an asset class, while embedding sustainability across the life cycle of projects and expanding the pipeline of bankable projects. FAST-Infra is developing a label for sustainable infrastructure and is also working on four market mechanisms that have the potential further to mobilize private capital.

Updated: October 25, 2021