Links to a comprehensive compilation of useful databases.

Government Finance Statistics, IMF
Statistical data on revenue, expense, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities of… more
Economic Infrastructure Investment Data in…
Public expenditure on infrastructure inLatin America.  Image by Pixabay
Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI)… See detail on projects, sectors, financial closure and other useful information for countries covered by the PPI… more
IJ Global
Comprehensive database of infrastructure deals and transactions, subscription required  Image by Pixabay 
Evaluating the Environment for Public-Private…
The Infrascope is an informational tool and benchmarking index that assesses the capacity of countries in Latin America… more
Evaluating the environment for public-private…
Evaluating the environment for public-private partnerships in Africa. The study is based on a methodology developed in… more
Evaluating the Environment for Public-Private…
The methodology is based on a similar study of Latin America and the Caribbean published in 2009 and 2010. The index… more
Evaluating the environment for public- private…
This first edition of the EECIS Infrascope provides a snapshot of PPP readiness across the region. It benchmarks… more
Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018
The report benchmarks the regulatory framework of 135 economies against international recognized good practices,… more
Euromoney Country Risk
Euromoney Country Risk (ECR) is now closed.   Image by Pixabay
Moody’s Credit Ratings
On the website you will find credit ratings, research, tools and analysis for the global capital markets. Image by… more
Fitch’s Credit Ratings
A provider of credit ratings, commentary and research for global capital markets.  Image by Pixabay
Standard & Poor’s Credit Ratings
S&P Global Ratings (previously Standard & Poor's and informally known as S&P) Image by Pixabay
The QoG Institute, University of Gothenburg
The QoG Standard dataset consists of approximately 2100 variables from more than 100 data sources related to Quality of… more