Title: UNCITRAL - Legislative Guide on Privately Financed Infrastructure Projects

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The following document was prepared by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. It contains a set of recommended legislative principles entitled “legislative recommendations”. The legislative recommendations are intended to assist in the establishment of a legislative framework favourable to privately financed infrastructure projects. The legislative recommendations are followed by notes that offer an analytical introduction with references to financial, regulatory, legal, policy and other issues raised in the subject area. The user is advised to read the legislative recommendations together with the notes, which provide background information to enhance understanding of the legislative recommendations.

The legislative recommendations deal with matters that it is important to address in legislation specifically concerned with privately financed infrastructure projects. They do not deal with other areas of law that, as discussed in the notes to the legislative recommendations, also have an impact on privately financed infrastructure projects. Moreover, the successful implementation of privately financed infrastructure projects typically requires various measures beyond the establishment of an appropriate legislative framework, such as adequate administrative structures and practices, organizational capability, technical expertise, appropriate human and financial resources and economic stability.

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Updated: October 25, 2021