Title: Tanzania Model PPA

Language: English

Type: Document, Website

Nature: Agreement

Published: October 23, 2019

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Tanzania

Sector: Energy and Power

Topic: Climate-Smart

Keywords: Climate Smart, Energy and Power, Energy and Power Core

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Document Summary:

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals has on 4th August 2015 issued Model Power Purchase Agreements for seven energy technologies, for use in negotiating Power Projects in Tanzania (Mainland), to be used as guidance for projects larger than 10MW (i.e. not Small Power Producer) and include Hydro, Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, Geothermal, Solar and Wind.  

Document Details:

The Model PPAs issued to EWURA for use in negotiations between project developers and the power off-taker.  This is one of the key milestones in the Electricity Sector Reform Strategy and Roadmap that was launched in June 2014 by the Minister for Energy and Minerals.

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Updated: October 25, 2021