Title: Private Sector Participation in Municipal Solid Waste Management: Guidance Pack (5 Volumes)

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Guidance Pack: Private Sector Participation in Municipal Solid Waste Management”,
Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management, St. Gallen,
Switzerland, 2000.


Part I: Executive Overview
Part II: Guidance Note
Part III: Tools for preparing for private sector participation


Tools from Part III

• Sample questionnaire on existing solid waste management services
• Terms of reference for a zoning study
• Terms of reference for an institutional, financial and privatization study
• Demand assessment and willingness to pay survey


Part IV: List of Terms and Definitions
Part V: Sample Contracts and other Documents


Waste collection agreements
• Model Contract Documents for Residential Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Technical
Bulletin # 85-7, November 1985, Solid Waste Association of North America.
• Sample contract or franchise agreement for sweeping or waste collection, Ghana
• Solid waste collection, St. Lucia
• Restated Agreement between the City of Sunnyvale and Bay Counties Waste Services, Inc. for
collection of waste


Waste disposal agreements
• Agreement for use and support of a Solid Waste Disposal System, Charles City County, Virginia
• Short Term Operations at Ciceron Solid Waste Disposal Site, St. Lucia
• Operation of Cell 2 of SSWF-1 Sanitary Landfill in Delaware, USA
• Engineering Services Agreement for Design and Construction Inspection, Delaware, USA
• Construction of Cell 3 Disposal Area, Delaware, USA


For more information about this sector, please visit Public–Private Partnerships in Solid Waste.


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