Title: PPP Unit Zambia

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Nature: Laws and Regulations

Published: July 2, 2021

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Zambia

Topic: Legal Framework, PPP Unit

Keywords: Legal Framework, PPP Regulation, PPP Law, PPP unit

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The website for the Zambia Development Agency.

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The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) was established under the ZDA Act No. 11 of 2006, which came into effect on July 7, 2006. The ZDA is a merger of the Zambia Privatisation Agency, Zambia Investment Centre, Export Board of Zambia, Zambia Export Processing Zones Authority and the Small Enterprises Development Board. The merged institutions started operating as one institution after 1st January 2007.

The Agency expects major investments in various sectors of the economy. Major investments are expected in financial, mining, cement and fertilizer production and the agricultural sector. This is due to the confidence that has been created by favourable Government economic policies, macro economic stability, peace and stability that the country is experiencing as well as the country’s strategic location.

Updated: February 16, 2022