Title: Partnerships Victoria: Practitioners' Guide

Language: English

Type: Document

Nature: Report

Published: March 1, 2001

Region: East Asia and Pacific (EAP)

Country: Australia

Keywords: PPP Cycle ***, PPP Reference Guide *, PPP Online Reference Guide **, PPP Basics ***


Document Summary:

The Partnerships Victoria policy of June 2000 provides a framework for developing contractual relationships between the Victorian Government and private parties for the delivery of public infrastructure and related ancillary services.

Value for money and the public interest are key elements of the policy and are discussed in detail in this Practitioners’ Guide.

The Practitioners’ Guide provides detailed guidance to Victorian Government departments and agencies considering how Partnerships Victoria can be used to meet infrastructure and related ancillary service requirements. The Guide gives step by step guidance on all elements of a Partnerships Victoria project, from identification of a potential project through to contract management. However, it does not remove the need for specialist input from the Department of Treasury and Finance and external advisers.

The process set out in the Guide is designed specifically for budget sector entities and more generally for government business enterprises. (Variations in the approval process for government business enterprises are set out in Chapter 23, Government approvals.)

Document Details:

VIC. 2001. Practitioners’ Guide. Melbourne, Australia: Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, Partnerships Victoria. [#4180]

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