Title: Model Request For Proposal for PPP Projects and Guidelines

Languages: English

Published: January 1, 2007

Region: South Asia

Country: India

Keywords: Request for proposals, Online Guide, PPP Cycle, PPP Reference Guide


Document Summary:

This section links to Model Request for Proposal for PPP projects and guidelines.

Document Details:


Published by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 2007. 


This Model Request for Proposal (RFP) document is published together with Guidelines for the Invitation of Financial Bids for PPP Projects. It is generic in nature and aims at lending transparency and predictability to the entire process and to allow decisions to be made expeditiously. It also provides the requisite sector-specific and project-specific flexibility by placing several provisions within square brackets, thus enabling the project authorities to make necessary substitutions.


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Tracking Reference: 

IN. 2014a. Public-Private Partnership Model RFP Document. New Delhi: Government of India, Planning Commission. [#2948]

Updated: June 3, 2022