Title: Guidelines For Grid Interconnection of Small Power Projects in Tanzania - Part C: Studies To Be Conducted, Islanding and Protection

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Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Global / Non-Specific, Tanzania

Sectors: Energy and Power

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Document Summary:

Tanzania—EWURA, a suite of several documents developed by EWURA (the national electricity regulator of Tanzania) specifying the technical standards that must be satisfied and the studies that must be performed before a small power producer (a renewable generator or cogenerator exporting the energy associated with 10 MW or less of installed capacity) can get permission to connect to the main grid and sell electricity to the national utility.

Document Details:

The goal of the document is to “standardize” the requirements and thereby reduce transaction costs for both parties. Guidelines For Grid Interconnection of Small Power Projects in Tanzania (Part A—Mandatory Requirements and Test Procedures (38 pages), Part B—Technical Guidelines  (33 pages), Part C—Appendices- Studies To Be Conducted, Islanding and Protection (44 pages) (March 2009, Working Draft For Public Consultation) (Short title: Interconnection Guidelines).

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Updated: September 9, 2021