Desalination Plant for Victoria, Australia - Project Financed Structure

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PPP Desalination Project - Project deed and ancillary documents with summaries for the design, construction finance and operation of a seawater desalination plant, 85 km transfer pipeline, delivery of power supply for the project, operations and maintenance, and the purchase of renewable energy credits. The state has contracted with the consortium AquaSure to deliver all aspects of the project. AquaSure has engaged other contractors to design, construct, operate and maintain the plant and the associated infrastructure. The capital cost is $3.5 billion fully funded by the private sector. For a portion of the funds the state government was the lender of last resort. The project provides for desalinated water to be delivered from the private sector to the state-owned water authorities, who will in turn deliver this water to households.The seawater desalination plant will supply up to 150 gigalitres (GL) of water with the capacity to upgrade to supply up to 200 GL in the future. A key feature of the project is that all power usage during the operating phase of the project will be fully offset by power generated by renewable energy sources. A project description is available on the site of the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.


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AU_Victoria Desalination Project_D&C Direct Deed_Summary_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Direct Deed for Electricity Contracts_Summary_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Electricity Supply Direct Deed_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Finance Direct Deed_SummaryEN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_HVAC Payment and Repayment Deed_Summary_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Lease_Summary Sheet_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Master Rights Agreement_Summary_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_O&M Direct Deed_Summary_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Project Deed_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_REC Direct Deed_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Receivables Purchase Deed_Summary_EN_2009

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_SFP HVAC Facility Agreement_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_SFP HVAC Guarantee and Indemnity_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Special Lease_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_State Security Deed_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria Desalination Project_Surge Vessel Land Lease_Summary_EN

AU_Victoria_ Desalination Project_Booster Pump Station Land Lease_Summary_EN

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